About Us

Subsidiaries and intermediaries

sefa is entrusted to forge successful partnerships that contribute to great enterprises. Our contribution to SMMEs and cooperatives therefore extends beyond the financial commitments we make. That is, we invest in companies where we can serve as a strategic financial partner to significantly contribute to the growth of the enterprise and so create a lasting value.

To do this effectively, sefa works in collaboration with subsidiaries, associates and intermediaries.

Creating partnerships is an important element of our sustainable development strategy. It is a means to provide numerous small, micro- and cooperative enterprises throughout the country with both the financial and business support required to either establish new enterprises or grow existing businesses, and, in doing so, contribute towards sustainable job creation.

To ensure that sefa is accessible and has a wider reach depends on a number of factors, including the relationships with both the public and private sector.

For that reason, SMMEs and cooperatives can also access sefa products through any of the following intermediary/partnership channels:

  • Commercial banks

  • Cooperative financial institutions

  • Micro-finance intermediaries (MFIs)

  • Retail financial intermediaries (RFIs)

  • Strategic partnerships

Please access our intermediary portal here.