About Us

What we do

sefa’s core function is to foster the establishment, development and growth of SMMEs and cooperatives, and to contribute towards poverty alleviation, job creation and economic growth.

Our task is to provide SMMEs and cooperatives throughout South Africa with simple access to finance in an efficient and sustainable manner, by:

  • Delivering wholesale and direct lending credit facilities or products
  • Providing credit guarantees to SMMEs and cooperatives
  • Supporting the institutional strengthening of financial intermediaries, so that they can effectively assist small and micro-enterprises and cooperatives
  • Creating strategic partnerships with a range of institutions for sustainable small, micro- and cooperative enterprise development and support
  • Monitoring the effectiveness and impact of our financing, credit guarantee and capacity development activities
  • Developing (through partnerships) innovative finance products, tools and channels, to speed up increased market participation in the provision of affordable finance.