Eligibility Criteria

  • A minimum of two years in operation, with the demonstration of Retail financial Intermediary lending.
  • Early growth and established intermediary (start-up by exception) who display the potential to meet SMME needs and expectations in line with sefa’s mandate.
  • The institution’s ability to meet basic criteria and the extent of risk sharing with sefa.
  • Alignment of the institution’s operations to sefa’s developmental objectives.
  • Must be registered and operate within South Africa and comply with all the laws that apply to legal entities in the Republic.
  • Must comply with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements in terms of governance and compliance including a board, regulatory compliance, risk management policies, reviewersand all other governance requirements as per Companies Act. Institutional Strengthening support will be provided where gaps have been identified.
  • Lending to be in line with the National Credit Act with relevant and up-to date registration.
  • Key personnel – (e.g. senior and executive management) must have the relevant investment and development finance credentials and no less than 5 years proven working experience as SMME investment analysts and / or microfinance specialists.
  • Loan methodology including policies and systems to be able to assess, disburse, monitor and collect on loans.
  • Financial systems ability and appropriateness.
  • A 5-10% own contribution as percentage of loan amount or capital commitment may be required.
  • Must comply with B-BBEE codes of good practice.
  • Must be prepared to accept sefa interventions and business institutional support services.

2. We must mention compliance with industry regulations on all our products e.g. National Credit Regulator (NCR) and any other related industry body i.e. FICA Act, NCA Act, etc.

3. In terms of Godisa here are the inputs and questions

• The Godisa Supplier Development Fund is an enterprise development fund created in partnership with sefa and Transnet. (Maybe we should say in partnership with Transnet).• To find out more, download the Godisa Supplier Development Fund brochure below• (Are we planning to develop a brochure for Godisa?)

3aUnder co-operatives.

• Interest Rate: Prime plus (Can we consider saying risk-based)?