Client relationship and facilities are prohibited in the following circumstances:

  • Speculative real-estate

  • Speculative trading and hedging

  • Political parties or organisations

  • Arms and ammunitions trade

  • Entities operating in morally reprehensive sectors as defined by the Department of Trade Industry and Competition

  • Acquisition of loss-making businesses without the prospects of financial sustainability

  • Entities whose trade or operations may prejudice the reputation and good standing of sefa

  • Shareholder initiated exclusions

  • Individuals and entities listed on sefa and IDC as well as other DFI’s Delinquency register; and National Treasury Supplier restricted database

  • Entities where a sefa employee or board member (including immediate family members) have a financial interest

  • People under debt review, unrehabilitated insolvents or businesses under business rescue liquidation

  • Business relationships/transactions with entities that contravene the provisions of relevant legislation

  • Business relationships/transactions that transgress tax, accounting, regulatory requirements and environmental legislation

  • Transactions that do not contribute positively to development impact, or ventures inconsistent with the mandate of sefa

  • Entities involved in child labour and or labour broking activities.