Post-Loan Business and Institutional Strengthening Support


The purpose of the post-loan business support and institutional strengthening is to provide non-financial support to SMME businesses via the RFI/BFS/SF and also directly to the intermediaries.

In the provision of these services, sefa will leverage the resources of other government agencies such as the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda), Productivity South Africa and others.

Post-loan business support for SMMEs

The post-loan business support programme is designed to provide business support services to enterprises during the life cycle of the business from early stage (growth/development/compliance mentorship), as well as the decline phase (turnaround specialists). This service is only provided to small businesses that have benefitted from loan facilities provided by sefa and its financing partners.

The programme is facilitated through the Direct Lending Division and will allow the Wholesale Lending Division to access such support as and when needed. Pre-loan support will be considered if and when required using Seda.

Institutional strengthening support

The main objective of this programme is to strengthen and support the following needs of sefa funded MFI/RFI/SF:

  • The strategic and organisational needs of the organisation, focusing specifically on key business processes

  • Open architecture: processes and systems of the organisation, focusing specifically on areas such as back office management, asset and liability management, enterprise-wide risk management, accounting and internal audit and HR systems and IT systems

  • Management and leadership training and upskilling, focusing specifically on core-competency gaps and weaknesses, such as (but not limited to) management and leadership skills, investment appraisal and risk analysis, project finance and computer literacy.