Wholesale Lending Products


Through its wholesale lending, sefa provides facilities (debt/equity) to intermediaries, joint venture, partnerships (Specialised Funds) and other collaborative relationships to extend sefa’s reach of making funding available to small businesses across South Africa:

  • Loans to intermediaries up to R150-million

  • Loans through intermediaries to end-users up to R5-million

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sefa provides funding mainly to two types of cooperatives: Cooperative Financial Institutions (CFIs) and enterprising cooperatives.

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Micro-Finance Intermediaries

sefa provides facilities to micro-finance intermediaries (MFI) to on-lend to micro and survivalist businesses requiring funding of up to R50 000 for the purpose of growing their income and asset base.

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Retail Financial Intermediaries

sefa engages with retail financial intermediaries (RFIs) who provide financing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses within specific markets and/ or sectors that are not serviced by sefa’s direct lending activities.

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Specialised Funds

These joint ventures/partnerships are the basis for sefa’s wholesale proposition.

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Credit Guarantee Scheme (BFS/S)

The scheme issues a range of credit guarantee products to lenders (commercial banks and other financial institutions) for SMME borrowers whose access to finance is impeded by the fact that they do not have collateral required by the lenders.

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Land Reform Facility (RFI/BFS/SF)

The Land Reform Empowerment Facility (LREF) is a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Fund capitalised by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and supported by the European Union.

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Post-Loan Business and Institutional Strengthening Support

The purpose of the post-loan business support and institutional strengthening is to provide non-financial support to SMME businesses via the RFI/BFS/SF and also directly to the intermediaries.

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